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top 10 whatspp satuts

1 When the time comes together, Banda defeats everyone.
2 Claims do not come with friendship
3 333333 3I do not have any friends, everything is a piece of paper.
The name and status should be retained regardless of whether it has to do the work or the scandal.
Hasin is also in the world, but we buy a smiling time.
What will you do to realize my power, Sir, have won thousands of hearts in such a small age ..
7The bigger the dream, the bigger the problem, and the bigger the sufferings will be such a big success.
Do not keep too much happiness from life, just the next step should be the best from the past ;,,,

999Reading is not so hard for me The hard work is to convince the house that I am studying
9 मेरे लिए पढ़ना इतना कठिन नहीं है, यह कठिन परिश्रम है कि मैं जिस घर में पढ़ रहा हूं उसे मनाऊं
10 I learn a lot about life, a lesson, Poor child does not insist on talk

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